About CoMensha

CoMensha is a non-governmental organization that facilitates other organizations with specialized information and knowledge on human trafficking. When necessary, we act! . Within the (inter)national field we work together with organizations that are responsible for combating human trafficking, and that deal with investigation and prosecution of perpetrators as well as with organizations that provide shelter and assistance to trafficked persons.

We consider human trafficking to be a violation of human rights and a gross violation of the integrity of the trafficked person. Therefore, we always acts in the best interest of trafficked persons. Those who are vulnerable for exploitation.

CoMensha has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of data collection, shelters, (social) support, referral mechanisms, legal assistance and information sharing. We coordinate finding a suitable shelter for all trafficked persons. We identify bottlenecks and propose solutions. Positive cooperation and connecting all relevant parties are important in our effective approach of human trafficking. Our goal: to contribute to a world without human trafficking.


An important task of CoMensha is to register the total amount of (possible) trafficked persons. CoMensha records facts about the nature and extent of the population of (possible) trafficked persons in the Netherlands. We use this to identify the bottlenecks, trends and success factors in the implementation of anti-trafficking policy, setting agendas and policy advice.


CoMensha coordinates the search for suitable shelter for all trafficked persons. When a suitable shelter is found, the task of coordinating help and assistance is delegated to the regional care coordinator. (S)he then ensures the necessary assistance. In districts without a coordinator CoMensha functions as the regional case manager, making sure the basic needs are covered.


CoMensha is approached several times a day with requests for information and advice. The majority of these questions are delivered by phone or e-mail to the help desk. The persons requesting information and advice are usually help or shelter organisations, investigative services, and lawyers and governmental organisations that are involved with trafficked persons.

Should you have any questions about CoMensha and what we can do for you, you can always call on working days between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm: 033 448 1186

"My son and I were drugged and taken from Bulgaria to the Netherlands. From there we had to travel to the United Emirates for the organ trade. I spoke to a woman at the airport, and she was able to alert the police." Roxana | Bulgaria