What can I do?

If you think that you are a trafficked person, there are several steps which can change your situation. This always starts with telling your story to the police or other organisations and persons. After that, you can choose to make a report of a crime or provide a statement. This may lead to a court suit.

An important first step is to tell your story. You can tell it to the police but also to other investigative services such as the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the Social Affairs & Employment Inspectorate (Inspectorate SZW). If you are not ready for that, you can also go to other organisations or persons who can help you.

"When I was 17, I fell in love with a boy that told me that he was being threatened by friends because he owed them money. He said that he could pay off his debt if I would go to bed with his friends. I did that for him. Afterwards, he forced me into prostitution and he took out loans in my name. I was able to flee after two years, but now I am left with huge debts from the loans taken out in my name." Maartje | the Netherlands