This site is for anyone that may be a trafficked person, but is also for those who would like more information, like those who know someone who might be a trafficked person.
This website explains what you can do as possible trafficked person to get out of the (coerced) situation. Others have gotten out of this situation and spoken with, for example, the police.

The information found on this website applies to the following groups:

  • Netherlands nationals, for example victims of loverboys
  • EU nationals
  • Non-EU nationals
  • Age of consent; 18+
  • Minor; 18-

Download the brochure here

"I worked at a laundry 6 nights a week, 12 hours per night. I earned 2.80 euros an hour. The working conditions were really bad. We had to work with dangerous chemicals without any protection. My hands were burned." Barid | India